Regione del Veneto
Settore Progetti strategici e politiche comunitarie

Palazzo Sceriman
Cannaregio 168
30121 Venezia
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Gianfranco Munerotto, author of the illustrative figures on the gondola and on the sandolo sanpieróto, and Lucia Nadin, author of the book Venezia e Albania: una storia di incontri e secolari legami (Venice and Albania: a history of centuries-old meetings and links), for the ideas offered for the creation of FollowGondola;
Zamir Talifica, for the photos of the Shkodër boats taken from an unpublished book of his;
Giorgio Boller, author of the images;
The Venetian artisans for their kind collaboration

Regione del Veneto controls all the exploitation rights of the drawings reproduced on the site and created by Gianfranco Munerotto.
The reproduction, communication, distribution, processing and, in general, the exercise of any right of financial nature relating to each of these works, using any method, both in full and in part, in all Countries without the authorization of the controller, are strictly forbidden.