This area allows you to download for free products created by the AdriaMuse project, including the publications Venezia e Albania: una storia di incontri e secolari legami (Venice and Albania: a story of centuries-old meetings and links) on the historical relations between the Republic of Venice and Albania, dating back to the Middle Ages, and Tra Colli Euganei e laguna veneta. Dal museo della navigazione al turismo sostenibile (Between the Euganean Hills and the Venetian Lagoon. From the Museum of Navigation to sustainable tourism), on the fluvial relations that occurred between the Veneto mainland and the lagoon, especially following the opening of the Canal of Battaglia Terme at the end of the 12th century.

Books are available in Italian with translation in English / Albanian.

Tra colli euganei e laguna veneta-Vallerani Between the Euganean Hills and the Venetian Lagoon

From the Museum of Navigation to Sustainable Tourism

Francesco Vallerani

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Venezia e Albania-Nadin  Venice and Albania

History of encounters and secular ties

Lucia Nadin

ebook: pdfazwepubmobi