appstoreappstoreOn the interactive map of Venice, points of interest can be identified which bear witness to the links that the Most Serene Republic of Venice and Albania maintained through trade and cultural exchange since the Middle Ages. These links can still be found in Venetian toponymy. Users can spot them in the names of many Calli (streets) spread throughout the Venetian sestieri (districts). The various ‘calli degli Albanesi’ refer to the most widespread business of the Albanians, linked to textiles: washing and treatment of wool in particular, as well as of cotton and silk. Not by chance is the toponymy ‘degli Albanesi’ found most prevalently in textile manufacturing areas. Although textiles was their main business, linked to imports of wool and hide from Albania that were constant throughout the centuries, the Albanians in Venice are also found in other trades such as: blacksmiths, stone cutters, carvers, glass workers, carpet dealers.
Other points of interest identify the widespread historical presence of the Albanians or Albanian-Turks in the city, today testified only by archive documentation.
This information is taken from the publication Venezia e Albania: una storia di incontri e secolari legami (Venice and Albania: a story of centuries-old meetings and links) produced as part of the AdriaMuse project.

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