The Artistic rendering takes users on a journey through time discovering, via some illustrative figures, how much the gondola, the fórcola rowlock and the ferro (iron prow-head) have changed over the centuries. Another sequence of figures illustrates the current main stages of building a gondola, revealing its unique asymmetry which makes possible its characteristic single oar manoeuvring.
Although the gondola is the best-loved boat in Venice, it is not the only one: users can find an example of another typical and common boat in the lagoon, the sandolo sanpieróto, known more simply as the sanpieróta and used for fishing. It can be fitted with one or two lugsails. A short sequence of the historical evolution of the lugsail over the centuries is available.
Traditional boats with characteristics similar to the Venetian ones are found in Albania and in particular in Lake Shkodër and its rivers Bojana and Drin. These boats were used by the inhabitants of Shkodër for fishing and also recreation: FollowGondola presents some examples of this in historical photos (Shkodër boats) taken from an original work by Zamir Talifica.